Interior Design IndonesiaEFRATA interior design biggest inspiration in interior design indonesia industry all these years is to create a blissful, comfortable and blessed living environment to our customers.

In all these years of interior design experience, EFRATA have shown its expertise and know-how in interior design Indonesia industry among its niche.

The image and qualities we portray as an interior design are a trustworthy interior design Indonesia company which provide high quality service that satisfied home owner needs.

Consistency and continual improvement of our designing to match the customers’ needs is a catalyst to our business propositions.

Checking For Trusted Interior Design Services

  1. Trustworthy of an I.D company
  2. Is it under CASE?
  3. How is the workmanship & after renovate service?
  4. The attitude and the professional of the designer towards the project
  5. How is the punctuality of a project completed?
  6. Is there any hidden cost besides the mentioned fee?

Why a Client May Need These Interior Design Services

· To use space efficiently and effectively

· To accommodate special processes and work flows

· To create a desired living environment and atmosphere

Space Planning

Space planning is an integral part of interior design services process, the demand for it as a discrete services is growing. Especially in the urban countries, such as Singapore, spaces are getting more precious and limited. Society’s needs have changed the interior design trend from “Space Planning” to “Space Optimization”! House owners who wish to make use of the existing space more efficiently and practically. This is a true challenge that how to maximize the space and at the same time integrates comfortable and functional designs.

At EFRATA, our interior design services is to give you a practical and comfortable living space or commercial business space. Our professional Interior Designers will ensure that your living/working environment are both suitable and meet your requirements.

EFRATA work with you to achieve the perfect balance of color, materials and decor to express just the right mood for your interior design space. Be it using paints or wall papers, we ensure that your living/office interior is designed and catered to your life style. This takes you a step closer to your dream home.